Enjoy avocado daily to boost diet quality

by | Apr 10, 2024 | Research Update

This study from the USA found an avocado a day improved diet quality and cholesterol levels without weight gain.

This multi-centre, randomised, controlled parallel arm study evaluated the impact of an avocado-supplemented diet (one avocado per day) for 26 weeks in people over 25 years of age with abdominal obesity.

The outcomes measured were overall diet quality – as per the Healthy Eating Index (HEI) 2015 – and a range of factors that impact cardiometabolic risk including body fat, liver fat, C-reactive protein in the liver, metabolic syndrome disorders, body weight, BMI, insulin, VLDL cholesterol and the total to HDL cholesterol ratio.

The avocado-supplemented group had a greater increase in diet quality as measured by HEI-2015, as well as a greater intake of total vegetables, a better fatty acid ratio, and a lower intake of sodium, refined grains and added sugars. This improvement occurred in women, but not men. While those in the avocado-supplemented group had lower total and LDL cholesterol, the intervention-related change in HEI-2015 was not associated with these changes. There was no weight gain in the intervention group after six months of adding an avocado a day.

Practice Tips

  • Recommend enjoying avocado daily for a healthy diet, including for those experiencing obesity and cardiometabolic risk. Aim for 75 grams (half a medium avocado) per day
  • Reassure patients/clients that adding avocado to their diet is unlikely to cause weight gain
  • Offer suggestions of healthy meals and snacks with avocado to help obtain the diet and health benefits of avocados



Petersen KS, Smith S, Lichtenstein AH. et al. One Avocado per Day as Part of Usual Intake Improves Diet Quality: Exploratory Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial. Curr Dev Nutr. 2024 Jan 11;8(2):102079

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