DIY: Avocado Dye

Not only is the flesh of an avocado versatile, but the entire fruit can be used in a number of wonderful ways.

The avocado pit and skin can also incredibly work as a natural plant dye for fabrics. With just 10 avocado pits you can create a beautiful dusty pink hue for dyeing.


Step One:

Fill a large stainless steel cooking pot with water until it’s about two-thirds full.

Step Two:

Add 10 avocado pits to the pot. Bring the water to a low boil and then reduce to a simmer. Add some clean avocado skins for some colour variation, if you wish.

Step Three:

Simmer until the water turns bright red, approximately 30 to 60 minutes.

Step Four:

Remove the pits with tongs and add the fabric, maintaining a low simmer.

Step Five:

After 10 minutes, the dye will be securely bonded to the fabric, and the fabric should be a light, sun-dried shade of peach. Leave in the dye longer to intensify the pink hues.

Step Six:

When the fabric reaches your desired shade, use tongs to move them to a sink to rinse in warm water with soap. Hang them to dry out of direct sunlight.